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Christie’s Place is a leading nonprofit social service organization in San Diego County that provides comprehensive HIV/AIDS education, support, and advocacy to women, children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS. Our mission is to empower our clients to take charge of their health and well-being. Transforming lives since 1996, we are the only organization in San Diego whose mission is dedicated to serving women, children and families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Our integrity, expertise, and longstanding foundation in the community, along with the delivery of family-centered and comprehensive social services, cultivates hope and empowers women, children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS. The strength and values behind Christie’s Place represent our long-term commitment to AIDS and our ability to respond effectively and directly to evolving needs.

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Agency goals include:

  • Provide social & supportive services to assist women & families with children in maintaining and/or improving their personal health status and quality of life.
  • Foster self-empowerment and develop leadership skills for women. Educate and encourage women to take an active role in their own care and treatment, and in planning for services.
  • Increase access to health care.
  • Develop strategies to overcome real and perceived barriers to the system of care.
  • Provide basic needs assistance so that women and children can focus on their medical care and treatment.
  • Mobilize and support women in advocacy work to strengthen the voices of HIV+ women in determining policy and advocating for services that directly affect their lives.